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  1. How to Download and Install Visual Studio for C#
  2. Build an app for Android, iOS, and Windows (.NET Framework)
  3. Cross-platform mobile development in Visual Studio
  4. Installing Unity
Build an app for Android, iOS, and Windows (HTML/JavaScript)

You might find that some code fits best in a shared project, and some code makes more sense inside a Portable Class Library project. If you want to create a single app that targets the full breadth of Windows 10 devices, create a universal Windows app. You'll design the app by using a single project and your pages will render properly no matter what device is used to view them.

Design your pages visually, and then open them in a preview window to see how they appear for various types of devices. If you don't like how a page appears on a device, you can optimize the page to better fit the screen size, resolution, or various orientations such as landscape or portrait mode. You can do all of that by using intuitive tool windows and easily accessible menu options in Visual Studio.

When you're ready to run your app and step through your code, you'll find all of the device emulators and simulators for different types of devices together in one drop-down list that is located on the Standard toolbar. These apps can target all three platforms and you can build them by using the skills and processes that you're most familiar with.

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How to Download and Install Visual Studio for C#

Apache Cordova is a framework that includes a plug-in model. Because these APIs are cross-platform, you can share most of what you write between all three platforms. This reduces your development and maintenance costs. Also, there's no need to start from scratch. If you've created other types of web applications, you can share those files with your Cordova app without having to modify or redesign them in any way.

To get started, install Visual Studio and choose the Mobile Development with Javascript feature during setup. The Cordova tools automatically install all third-party software that's required to build your multi-platform app.

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  2. How to Download and Install Visual Studio for C#.
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Then, you can develop your app by using JavaScript or Typescript. You can also add plug-ins to extend the functionality of your app, and APIs from plug-ins appear in IntelliSense as you write code. When you're ready to run your app and step through your code, choose an emulator, such as the Apache Ripple emulator or Android Emulator, a browser, or a device that you've connected directly to your computer. Then, start your app. If you're developing your app on a Windows PC, you can even run it on that. Project templates for creating Universal Windows Platform UWP apps are still available in Visual Studio so feel free to use them if you plan to target only Windows devices.

If you decide to target Android and iOS later, you can always port your code to a Cordova project. Then, you can build a native activity application for Android or an app that targets Windows.

Build an app for Android, iOS, and Windows (.NET Framework)

You can target Android and Windows in the same solution if you want, and then share code between them by using a cross-platform static or dynamic shared library. Start with the Native-Activity Application Android project. This project has full support for the Clang toolchain. When you're ready to run your app and see how it looks, use the Android Emulator. It's fast, reliable, and easy to install and configure. Read more about this in the Target Windows 10 devices section that appears earlier in this topic.

You can consume that library in a Windows or Android project, like the ones described earlier in this section. I have to add that Xamarin is now free if you have Visual Studio So my advice in total would be: If you need only Android or IOS: Ashkan Sirous Ashkan Sirous 3, 3 23 But you can build native Android apps with C too.

Cross-platform mobile development in Visual Studio

So native C versus native Java Matthew I remember there was a project that has been deprecated 3 years ago. Do you know any other way? I think that you would know better than I do as I am new to C and merely looked up this thread so that I would understand. The reason I am confused is because of this quote: Matthew Yup. The answer still applies. Net or even F to develop an application. Web-based application or Windows Forms-based application.

Installing Unity

The IDE allows one to run the program at any point of time during the development process. Hence, a developer can check for any errors during the development phase itself. Extensions — The IDE has the facility to install third-party extensions. An example can be Subversion, which is used for source code repository management.

Subversion is used to upload code to a central repository. This is done so that a copy of the code will always exist.

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Visual Studio has the facility to integrate with such software from the IDE itself. Hence, a developer can work with code repositories from the IDE itself.

The concept of Serialization and deserialization is used whenever data pertaining to objects have What is Stack in C?