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Izin yang sebelumnya diizinkan dapat disetel ulang pada menu Aplikasi dalam pengaturan perangkat setelah pembaruan perangkat lunak. Ulasan Kebijakan Resensi. Lihat detail. Tandai sebagai tidak pantas. Kunjungi situs web. Samsung Electronics Co. Lihat lainnya. Samsung Notes. Samsung Catatan memungkinkan Anda untuk memo baik dan menarik lukisan luar biasa dengan S Pen.

How to disassemble Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P / Tablet PCs / Articles - HARDWAREtoday

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile. Perangkat Galaxy memiliki Smart Switch Mobile secara default. Google Chrome: I know i just need to reset it by removing the battery. The problem is i dont know how to open the cover. Now after read this and removing and put back again all working again. Thanks again.

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Chris White. Thanks so much - I disconnected and reconnected my battery on what I thought was a dead tablet For gqpatrol. Recheck a connection of a multi-wire planar cable the touchscreen is connected to the motherboard by the second multi-wire planar cable. Is there a charge controller chip on the motherboard that can be replaced? Would changing the battery help? The problem started after it discharged for a while and then wouldnt charge back up.

It does boot when on the mains charger and works fine otherwise.

Hello Tebowner! First of all you have to replace the battery on the working one. But, you must be sure that new battery works fine. The inner scheme in the battery blocks the battery and there is no way to repair it, only buy new one. Back to your case, if the battery replacement doesn't help, then just replace the charger chip. Is it easy to change the sim card reader on the tab 2 My tab keeps asking to insert sim, I have tried many different sims, also the 3g data is enabled.

I have another p and the sim cards work fine on that one.

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I have also flashed the tab with a stock rom, to try update firmware, but no change. Is there any other fixes for this or do I just change the Sim card reader. I would appreciate any comments or guidance on this, also if I need to change sim card reader, is it easy? Hello Anton, I've got a problem. My screen is broken and i bought a new digitizer. I connect the cable from my new digitizer. And leave the broken digitizer on my tablet, this way i can test the new digitizer without getting of the old one. But if i connect the new digitizer it's not working, but the old one does when i reconnect it.


I've tried two new digitizers but same problem. I tried this with 4 broken Galaxy Tab's i have for repair. The digitizers don't work on one of them.

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Flags 0. Introduction Does the charge not hold for the device long? Tools Buy these tools. Parts Buy these parts. Galaxy Tab S2 9. Step 1 Screen. Add a comment. Add Comment. Step 2. Step 3. Ever fixed something? Share your repair story with ImAGenius. We Are All Geniuses. Step 4. Step 5 Panel Replacement. Step 6. One comment. Step 7 Battery.

Step 8. Step 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Back Cover Replacement

Almost done! To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. You're Finished! Author with 4 other contributors.