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  1. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform has been pictured running on the rather ancient HTC HD 2
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  3. Poland's carrier to provide Windows 7 Upgrade with HTC HD2 !
  4. HTC HD2 boots Windows Phone 8!
  5. How To Install Windows Phone 7 On HTC HD2 With MAGLDR

The device comes with a 4. According to Microsoft, the reason for Window Phone 8 not being able to make it to existing Windows Phone 7. Though the functionality in its current trim is limited to a certain extent, but the point is made and it is that HTC HD2 can indeed run Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform has been pictured running on the rather ancient HTC HD 2

The developer team posted few photos on Twitter as proof for the same and has been attached in this post above. The hack demonstrates that even relatively old hardware may be capable of handling Windows Phone 8. It was previously understood that Windows Phone 8 comes with a built in security settings which is supposed to only enable WP8 devices run the software, but the case here is something different and we have a smartphone dating back to running the new OS, which is fantastic.

Though limited in functionality, it also means that there is a possibility to have the existing wonderful Windows Phone 7. For those who are extremely bored with Windows Phone 7.

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This can be checked via the tricolor screen which should currently be displayed on your device. The second line should display the current SPL version — you need this to be: You should select SPL 2. In order to install Android on your old Windows Mobile 6. To reinstall the original Windows Mobile 6. Once downloaded, connect your phone to your PC via USB, restart the phone so that it is in the tricolor screen as explained above and run the downloaded ROM on your computer, following all on-screen instructions.

Throwback: HTC HD2 - Legendary Smartphone!

Next, restart your phone, holding the power button down until a new screen appears. This is the MAGLDR Bootloader, where you can select various options and settings for installing different operating systems onto the phone. USB Flasher , pressing the call button bottom left to proceed to the next screen. Run DAF. Follow the on-screen prompts to completion, and the device should restart. Begin by copying the downloaded ROM to your microSD card via a card reader, and then insert the card into your phone.

Select option 8. Once complete, you will be able to restart your phone, booting into the new operating system — Ice Cream Sandwich! It is more important to carry out the steps to completion in the correct order than it is to beat any timing records. One last point to note — due to design issues, some HTC HD2 devices have an overheating issue which tends to strike when using Android. This usually manifests as a sudden reboot. Should this happen, follow the steps above to return your device to Windows Mobile. Your email address will not be published.

Comes up with error , and nothing happens. Tried a few times but always the same. Any ideas? This usually only happens if the HSPL file hasn't flashed. You'll need to restart the process from scratch.

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Thanks for responding. It appears to have flashed although other differences are present.

Poland's carrier to provide Windows 7 Upgrade with HTC HD2 !

Perhaps they indicate some other problem? Okay, I think you have a slightly different device to the usual. There are a couple of alternate builds in circulation. You'll need to check XDA for full details. What, exactly, is "the white part"? Do you mean your phone display?

HTC HD2 boots Windows Phone 8!

Do you mean Windows Explorer? Do you have to have a PC to do this or should it work on Macs also? I cant seem to extract recognizable files for my mac. I would recommend using Windows.

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  • This isn't to say that you can't use a virtual machine, however Not natively. Head here: The best instructions so far by a long way. It was all going so well Got past step one then repeated failures - I noticed I have on tricolour screen the info is the same except for the last two lines which read:. It just displays the white screen with the green htc logo.

    How To Install Windows Phone 7 On HTC HD2 With MAGLDR

    The best tutorial to install ice cream on the htc hd2. WiFi is on or off but that can not find my modem or other modem please help me, please.. Thank you for this! It works great, except that the memory is limited. I'll try the fix posted earlier for that. One problem I ran into is that there is a DAF. I used the wrong one at first and everything went wrong. I post this just as a warning to others. What version do you recomend me? It is necesarry to install the program for Bios for Android if i aldready have Android?

    What is this? Please help me because i don't know so much about this phone. Its a shame that several of your download links didn't work, and that might have contributed to the problem; but I followed this all mulitple times perfectly but end up with the circle of squares boot animation that simply runs non-stop. I can restore it back to windows using your advice regarding the htc website, but I want to fix this to be android!

    Is there any way to tell where it's going wrong and a basic route to fix it? Dude i have a problem. On login screen , when i power up the phone some squares are turning around some animation and there stops whole phone and i cant do anything Instructions on restoring to Windows Mobile 6. If you haven't spotted these, then you clearly haven't followed the instructions carefully.

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    • I have got chinese android tab model WM wonder media unfortunately I tried to upgrade the tab to uberoid 12 from microSD and it is not at all booting, I have daubt that the system ROM is not responding because while upgrading it was failed to update the kernel. Please let me know is this called as brick? Please , help me Thanks YH. I can't open it Also will this work on an HD2 that is rooted with Android Froyo 2.

      Since I'm still new to Android, I would appreciate if anyone could give some more specific instructions, or provide another link that would show them. I managed to run Android 2. Still trying to play around. It's slow and some things like bluetooth don't work. That's why I thought maybe a more updated version should fix those issues