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Remember, all of this can be done on a basic cell phone, even those that are a few years old. One thing to watch out for is the operator charges. They can be costly. Each map screen is around kb and many operators would charge 1c per kb. I suggest looking for cheap network charges such as mine where mobile internet is free after 99c per day. Below is a list of the keypad controls for Google Maps Mobile:. This is a great app that could be vital in an emergency.

How many people get lost every day in cities and rural areas and wish they had something like this?

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Explore more about: Google , Google Maps , Maps. Your email address will not be published. You need to download any application. I live in Ireland and I'm currently on Meteor meteor. Press 0 to get your current location. I have it installed on my SE Ki. Follow me My tech blog. I thought google maps are just meant for the smart phones! I would love to get this app for my Nokia Thanks for introduce Get Jar.

The charges for GPRS is quite expensive in my country. But GPS is more preferable as it free.. Hi, Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any compatability between the cell phone version and the web version: Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Audio notes are loaded automatically along with the. Additional details can be found here.

In addition a new settings option 'turn off GPS' has been added. The 'recording data' feature and the 'turn off GPS' feature correlate as follows: Some mappers are using 7" to 10" tablets for mapping.

किसी मोबाइल का लोकेशन कैसे पता करें? (How to trace location of a mobile?)

The relatively new Google Nexus 7 seems to be especially wide spread amongst mappers. This can be attributed to the fact that these devices have a longer battery life, allowing mappers to go on extended mapping tours without having to change the battery. The new Keypad-Mapper version 3. This UI is automatically activated on all devices with a minimum screen size of 7". Despite the fact that they are categorised as tablets the screen area available on these devices is not big enough for a proper tablet layout. The tablet layout differentiates from the phone layout as follows:.

Google Maps apps download for Nokia Asha Phones | Nokia Asha Games Free

There are other cases, like the situation shown in the pictures below, where the house number is hidden, making it necessary for you to pass the entrance and then look back for reading the house number:. This allows you to go to the place where the house number is visible, enter the house number, and save it with the previously saved GPS position of the entrance. This ensures that the GPS coordinates stored inside the JPEG file points to the position of the place and not to the position of the photographer.

A separate field has been implemented for entering additional text, assigned to TAG key 'name'. While entering such additional text, a full keyboard is shown on top of the keypad with all required characters. This is especially helpful when saving notes for future reference when optimising the data later in an OSM editor or if a house number must be mapped with characters different from the ones on the keypad.

The note is stored in the. The number shown in the circle of the app icon indicates the number of house numbers mapped that day. Users of devices with small screens can hide several elements of the keypad screen:. In addition fewer characters are shown on smaller screens. In case that you are using a small screen, all characters are made available if you turn the device to landscape orientation: The last two or three stored house numbers are continuously shown on the right side of the house number entry field.

The amount of shown house numbers depends on the size of the screen. This allows seeing if the data already stored in the OSM database is correct and complete and whether there are typos in the existing data. This option is especially helpful if your current GSM data plan is expensive or if the amount of free data is limited.

Both metric and imperial measurement units in metres and feet are supported for entering the distance between the current device position and the position of the address nodes.

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This allows the use of the software in countries with imperial measuring units. The user has the choice to either tap on a menu item to open another screen or to swipe horizontally over the screen with one finger to get to another screen. This option is normally used to free some space on the device as soon as the collected data has been successfully sent to the PC running the OSM editor. A detailed help text in all nine supported languages is available for a quick understanding of the app's main features.

Special thanks to Stefano for the Italian translation as well as for the promotion of Keypad-Mapper 3 on talk-it Additional thanks to Adam for the Polish translation and to Harry for the Dutch translation. If you would like to translate the Keypad-Mapper 3 into another language, please contact User: This is a server-based web application. In case the app crashes, there is an option to send a crash report with important information e. This allows them to find and fix the bug in order to ensure the highest possible quality. No private data, including passwords, is sent to the developers.

All Android versions from 2. The main idea behind Keypad-Mapper 3 is to map house numbers, and eventually address nodes, as efficiently as possible for a seamless editing of data later at home with JOSM or any other OSM editor.

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  • Many mappers feel that adding tags other than the house numbers while mapping is a waste of time and that it can be done more effectively and conveniently later at home. Other OSM mappers prefer completing the data immediately while collecting it, including a precise position of the node on the map.

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    OSM mappers with this preference might prefer OsmPad. OSM mappers that prefer not to specialize in house number mapping but would rather map multiple geo data at a given position may prefer the OSMtracker app. Keypad-Mapper 3 wish list. PDF slides of the presentation are available for download.

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    The video is available at http: From OpenStreetMap Wiki. Jump to: Available languages — Keypad-Mapper 3. Other languages — Help us translate this wiki. Google Play.